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ST Math MA - Back to School 2020

Brought to you in partnership with Mass STEM Hub, a program of the One8 Foundation.

"We are the Champions": 5 Minute PD

Have some time with your staff? In this short video, meet the MA Team and get an overview of ideas and resources to help start the school year strong with ST Math.

MA Team Introduction

Admin + Champion Meeting Guide

Back to school preparations look vastly different this year, but there are still some things we know for sure. As your leadership team meets to plan for the school year, here are some key components to review for a strong ST Math start:

  • Rostering Status: Are all ST Math classes created? If not, please check with your district database administrator. Teachers will receive their account information via email once rosters are processed.
  • Device Set-Up: Have you or your tech team successfully tested logging in as a student on a student device? How will device usage change this year? Tech requirements here.
  • Finalize Schedule: Do all ST Math students have access for 60 minutes per week in K/1 and 90 minutes per week in 2+? What might this look like in each of your potential learning plans (remote, blended, in-person)? It is recommended to schedule at least three 20-30 min sessions per week for students to play independently and one synchronous session per week with the teacher.
  • Communications plan with staff: Do all ST Math teachers have a plan for launch? It is recommended that teachers have a plan for introducing ST Math to students to begin within the first 10 days of school, an ST Math schedule, and a plan for monitoring and celebrating students weekly. Please share the ST Math professional learning plan with teachers and visit ST Math Academy for asynchronous support with planning steps to play, monitor, and celebrate.

STEM Week Opportunity

STEM Week opportunity: Have you registered for our 2020 STEM Week Challenge? Register for the September trainings at stemweekchallenge.org for a free, high-quality virtual challenge for students.

Virtual Instructional Moves

As you prepare for the 2020-21 school year, how do you plan to introduce ST Math to your students and families? We've met teachers across the state who use this guided intro, share an intro video, or play a game with students and lead a think aloud to get students excited to learn with JiJi. This is also a great time of year to determine how you will announce the introduction of ST Math to your school community.

We'd love to hear your ideas! Share photos of your ST Math introduction on Twitter with us and tag @STMath, @Mass_STEMHub, and #STMathMA.

Family Communications

Share the following information with families in your next school newsletter and on your school website:

Social Media Connections

Did you catch JiJi Time last month? Check out fun with JiJi on social media and let's create a professional learning community! Start by following your ST Math MA Program Team and Mass STEM Hub on Twitter:

  • @jmckenzieMA: Jessica McKenzie, MA Program Manager, MIND Research Institute
  • @MissBirie: Elizabeth Birie, Mass Math Program Manager, MIND Research Institute
  • @dtreacy525: Denise Treacy, Education Success Manager, MIND Research Institute
  • @ErinCurtin10: Erin Curtin, Education Success Manager, MIND Research Institute
  • @kristenjmb Kristen Berthao, Education Success Manager, MIND Research Institute
  • @jamesdunseith: James Dunseith, Education Success Manager, MIND Research Institute
  • @Lauren_Chuk: Lauren Chuk, Education Success Manager, MIND Research Institute
  • @Mass_STEMHub: MIND partners with Mass STEM Hub, a program of the One8 Foundation. Mass STEM Hub supports our team with champion programming, school programming events, and ongoing support and engagement throughout the year.
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